Elharia Map

El, The Great Father of Dragons, his grace ever present and watchful,
Forged from the ruins of the Gods’ own war Elharia, haven where all life
Cleansed of the stain of its strife birth├ęd past, can be born into His Love.

Praise be to El! May our hymn to his glory ring clear from the high peaks
Down through the valleys and out ‘cross the sea touching all the sun doth reach.
Let it be sung! Let us preach to the world we are Elharia’s chosen.
(Book of El, Songs 8:11-17)

Elharia is one of three regions on the continent of Kaelus. Originally a human province during the Mundus Draconis, Elharia was protected by the Celestial Dragon El. At the beginning of the Modern Era, El was slain by a human slave known as The Prophet. The cataclysm unleased by El’s death warped the lands of Elharia, and gave rise to the tiefling race.

Modern day Elharia is ruled by the human kingdoms of Fyneas and Astora, the tiefling Baakati Empire, and the remnants of the original draconic empire in Mynear. The human territory of Rusk recently broke away from the Baakati Empire, and the two countries are currently at war. Because of the aggression of the tieflings, Elharia has been forcibly isolated from the surrounding lands. Elharians have only limited contact with the dwarvish kingdom of Godiat to the east, and the human kingdoms of Chelonia to the south, and magical wards set in place since antiquity keep the land as self-contained as is possible.

Recently, several arcane disturbances have been detected throughout Elharia, although the sources of these disturbances is as of yet unknown.

Kingdoms Major Cities Key Locations History
* Astora * Baakat * Greenwyrd * The Founding
* Baakati Empire * Estonne * Iberon Keep * The Chromatic War
* Fyneas * Fyn * Khaator’s Doom * The Apostasy
* Mynear * Mynea * Mount Elhan * The Baakati Imperium
* Rusk * Orvask * Spire of Tomes * Khaator’s Fall
* Yz * Temple of El * Ruskan Revolt
* The Sisters
* The Wastes

This page will eventually have much more info, as Elharia is one of the main campaign settings. In the meantime, enjoy the map!


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