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See Character Creation for details on how to build a half-elven character.

Physical Characteristics

Half-Elves taking a Specialist Array must assign 11 to Int or Dex, and 6 to Str or Con.

Generalist Array: 10, 9, 8, 8, 8, 8
Specialist Array: 11*, 10, 8, 8, 8, 6*

Speed: 30’
Vision: Normal
Size: Medium


Half-elves can gain both human and elvish traits. Choose one (1) human trait and one (1) elven trait from the following:

Human Lore (Human)
Your upbringing has instilled in you an innate understanding of your particular culture and social station. You gain training in one of the following knowledge skills: Folklore, Heraldry, or History.

Ingenuity (Human)
Humans are renown for their practical sensibilites, and can often find a solution to any problem using whatever materials happen to be on hand. Once per day, you can use your Skill Die for a check that you lack training in.

Keen Senses (Elven)
Elves’ connection with the primal energies of the earth grant them heightened senses. You have advantage on all Wisdom checks to listen or spot.

Clear Mind (Elven)
Elves value serenity and contemplation, and thus have an innate tranquility that allows them to pierce many forms of suggestion. You may add your Int modifier to any saving throw made to resist a charm or sleep effect, or to detect a bluff.

Low-Light Vision (Elven)
Elven eyes are sensitive and see as well in the nighttime as they can in the brightest day. You gain low-light vision.


Half-elves can gain either human or elvish feats, depending on their upbringing. Choose one (1) of the following feats:

Grit (Human upbringing)
History is replete with stories of defiant heroes who continue to fight until the moment they draw their final breaths. The first time each day you are brought to 0 HP or below, make a Con check, DC 10. On a success, you do not fall unconcious until the end of your next turn.

Socialized (Human upbringing)
Human society is both diverse and complex. As a result, many humans are adept at social maneuvering. You gain training in one of the following skills: Bluff, Persuade or Sense Motive.

Weapon Training (Human upbringing)
Humans have learned skills from weapon masters from all over the world, and make use of any and every kind of weapon imaginable. You gain proficiency in one weapon of your choice.

Elven Grace (Elven upbringing)
The smaller, lighter bodies of elves predisposes them towards a natural grace. With the proper training, an elf can use that grace to great effect. Your speed increases to 35’, and you may attempt to hide when lightly obscured by natural phenomenon, such as foliage, mist, or heavy rain.

Arcane Affinity (Elven upbringing)
Many elves spend their lifetimes in contemplation of arcane mysteries, and even those without innate talent have mastered the use of simple magicks. You gain a cantrip from the wizard’s spell list, and use Int as your ability for it.

Elven Weapon Training (Elven upbringing)
Tales of the elves’ sword-work and skill with the bow are legendary. You gain proficiency with shortbows and longbows. Additionally, when attacking with a longsword with which you are proficient, you may treat that weapon as a finesse weapon.


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