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See Character Creation for details on how to build a northman character.

Physical Characteristics

Northmen taking a Specialist Array must assign 11 to Str or Con, and 6 to Dex or Int.

Generalist Array: 10, 9, 8, 8, 8, 8
Specialist Array: 11, 10, 8, 8, 8, 6

Speed: 30’
Vision: Normal
Size: Medium


Northmen gain the following traits:

Child of the North
Generations of living in the unforgiving northern wastes have adapted the northmen’s physique to resist the effects of those climes. You gain advantage on any checks made to resist the effects of extreme cold, or checks relating to physical endurance.

Athletic Prowess
Even the weakest of northmen are brawny compared to the softer, southern races, and extraordinary feats of athletic skill come naturally to them. You have advantage on checks made to climb, grapple, or swim. Furthmore, you may increase both the normal and maximum range of any thrown weapon by 10 feet.


Choose one (1) of the following feats:

Brute Force
While physical prowess can be achieved through dedicated training, some northmen eschew such discipline and rely instead upon their raw strength and mass to decide physical contests. You have advantage on rolls to Push or Knock-Down creatures of your size or smaller.

Spirit Talker
Northmen have a largely tribal society, and are in touch with the primal energies of the land. Some northmen have honed their affinity for the energies and can use it to contact the primal spirits in order to seek guidance or aid. Once per day, you may cast the spell Augury as a ritual. You may cast this spell even if you do not have the Spellcasting or Ritual Casting feature. If you can already cast spells, this spell does not count towards your daily preparation limit, and you may cast it without reference to your spellbook.

Northern Weapon Training
While northmen do make use of a wide variety of weapons for hunting, protection and warfare, many northmen prefer the simple power of large, two-handed weaponry. When you attack using a two-handed weapon with which you are proficient, you may re-roll any weapon die that reads 1. You must use the second roll.


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