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See Character Creation for details on how to build a tiefling character.

Physical Characteristics

Tieflings taking a Specialist Array must assign 11 to Cha or Int, and 6 to Str or Wis.

Generalist Array: 10, 9, 8, 8, 8, 7
Specialist Array: 11*, 10, 8, 8, 7, 6*

Speed: 30’
Vision: Low-light
Size: Medium


Tieflings gain the following traits:

Infernal Constitution
The pacts made by their ancestors granted the original tieflings perfect immunity to the corruptions of the Infernal Planes. That immunity survives today as a resistance to mundane forms of corruption. You gain advantage on any saving throws made against poison or disease.

Despite generations of living free of direct infernal influence, tieflings retain the ability to draw a limited amount of power from the darker energies of the world. Once per day, you can cast the wizard spell Darkness. This casting does not use a Spell Slot.


Choose one (1) of the following feats:

Some tieflings choose to embrace their heritage and tap into the powers granted to their ancestors by the original infernal pacts, granting them limited mastery of infernal energies. Upon character creation, choose cold, fire, poison or necrotic. You gain damage reduction equal to your Cha mod against that type of damage. In addition, once per day when you are attacked, you may use a reaction to deal 1d8 damage of the type you chose to the creature that damaged you.

Terrifying Visage
Tieflings were originally human, but their interaction with the Infernal Planes twisted their features into unnerving semblances of devils and demons. You gain Intimidate. Once per day, as an action you can frighten a creature. The creature must make a Wis saving throw, DC14, or it cannot attack you on its next turn, and must spend the turn’s movement moving away from you.

Tail Sweep
Tieflings are known to be fierce close-quarter combatants, using their tails to unbalance their foes. You may make an attack with your tail for 1d6 damage. If the attack hits, you can also make a Strength check, contested by the target’s Strength or Dexterity check, to knock the target down. If you succeed, the target falls prone. The target must be no more than one size category larger than you in order to knock it down using this feat.


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